The accepted papers can be accessed from the program page.

Venkatesh Bala Subburaman (IDIAP) and Sebastien Marcel (IDIAP) received the best paper award for their paper titled "Fast Bounding Box Estimation based Face Detection." Congratulations!


Face detection has been a core problem in computer vision for more than a decade. Not only has there been substantial progress in research, but many techniques for face detection have also made their way into commercial products. Despite this maturity, the algorithms for face detection remain difficult to compare, and somewhat brittle to the specific conditions under which they are applied. One difficulty in comparing different face detection algorithms is the lack of enough detail to reproduce the published results, which makes it important to establish better benchmarks of performance.

In this workshop, we introduce a new, challenging data set of images with faces in unconstrained settings. A rigorous evaluation of different face detection algorithms on this benchmark will emphasize the two main objectives of this workshop: (1) establish the current state-of-the-art in face detection, and (2) identify new frontiers of research in face detection. To encourage an easy access of these face detection systems to the research community, this workshop will present a cash award for best performing face detector (please visit the FDDB page for further details). Also, there will be a best paper award. Both of these awards are sponsored by Microsoft Research India.