This database contains human face images captured in February, 2002 in the campus of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

This database contains images of 40 distinct subjects with eleven different poses for each individual. When available, a few additional images are also included for some individuals. All the images have a bright homogeneous background and the subjects are in an upright, frontal position. For each individual, we have included the following pose for the face : looking front, looking left, looking right, looking up, looking up towards left, looking up towards right, looking down. In addition to the variation in pose, images with four emotions - neutral, smile, laughter, sad/disgust - are also included for every individual. As an example, images corresponding to one individual are shown below.

The files are in JPEG format. The size of each image is 640x480 pixels, with 256 grey levels per pixel. The images are organized in two main directories - males and females. In each of these directories, there are sub-directories with names as numbers, where each index corresponding to an individual. In each of these directories, there are eleven different images of that subject, which have names of the form n.jpg, where n is the image number for that subject.

Indian Face database is available here.

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