SAGA Charter

passed by SAGA special meeting on November 3, 1995

1. Nature

The Sino-American Group of Amherst, SAGA, registers as an academic, non-political and non-profit organization.

2. Goals and objectives

1) To create an open forum for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogues.

2) To encourage different intellectual perspectives.

3) To promote unity within local Chinese community.

3. Organizational structure

1) SAGA's governing body is its board.

2) SAGA Board consists of 3-7 members who are elected at the SAGA annual convention.

4. Membership

Any individual who is willing to abide by the Charter and the Bylaws of SAGA may apply for SAGA membership.

5. The Charter and the Bylaws of SAGA

The Charter and the Bylaws are the sole legal documents of SAGA.

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