If you are reading this note, you have probably expressed (through a click) your interest in seeing some photos. However, this note requires that you have a password to see them. The password ensures that relevant people see relevant photos. If you think you are a relevant person, you are likely to have already got the password that is relevant to you. If you think you are a relevant person but do not possess the password, please send email to the owner of this note, whose email address can be found in the home page. The owner of this note reserves the right to change the password(s) without notice.

To see the photos, follow the following steps.

1. Click on the link below that you think is relevant to you.

2. Type in username, which is "xwang".

3. Type in password.

4. Click on "OK". If the password is correct, you will enter a "preview" page, in which a smaller version of each photo will be shown.

5. If you click on "full version", you will see the full version of a photo, which is much larger in size and much greater in quality.

6. You may download the full version to your local machine by selecting File->SaveAs of your browser, and saving it as a ".jpg" file.

200007, ZRZ, Liang Mei, 4 photos
200007, ZRZ, ZhoR, 13 photos
200007, LuPy, 4 photos
200010, DT, 2 photos
200105, Log, Lober, 1 photo
200105, CDY, 2 photos
200105, ZhoR, 1 photo
200309, LuPy, 5 photos
200407, Lu Zhe, LGl, 9 photos
200503, ZRZ, ZhoR, Lu Zhe, 1 photo
200504, Log, 2 photos