Injecting the 3D World into Large Language Models

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In this work, we propose to inject the 3D world into large language models, and introduce a whole new family of 3D-LLMs. Specifically, 3D-LLMs can take 3D point clouds and their features as input and perform a diverse set of 3D-related tasks, including captioning, dense captioning, 3D question answering, task decomposition, 3D grounding, 3D-assisted dialog, navigation, and so on.

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How to Inject the 3D World into Large Language Models?


What can 3D-LLM do?



Question Answering


A 3D model of a bed with a wooden frame and a mattress. Black and white table with stairs. A 3D model of a small, old, and ruined castle with a doorway and stairs

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