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Video Phone

Communication is paramount in smart living environments for elders. While there are numerous preexisting network communication applications in the world, elders need special features:

  • Video communication
  • Easy-to-use, symbolic user interface
  • Ability to trigger alerts in emergency situations
  • Ability to call for remote medical assistance

We developed a videophone application with the following components:

  1. Basic network communication module. Currently, we have modules, one utilizing Netmeeting 3.01 SDK and the other using Skype API 2.0.
  2. Speech synthesis module, providing voice instructions and descriptions to the user.
  3. Voice recognition module (based on Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1) is developed to realize voice control.
  4. Multi-mode user interface
    • Mouse selection
    • Touch screen selection
    • Voice command control
    • Mixture interactive mode
  5. Interact with fall detection application to place emergent call directly when elder falls.

Demo 1
Demo 2 - Hat Scenario